Anti Bullying Resources


The following is a list of great resources that we use on the Internet. The sites cover a range of bullying issues.

http://www2c.cdc.gov/podcasts/player.asp?f=8622474 Anti bullying Podcasts

The New Generation looks for other sources of information. As educators we want to provide anti bullying information in several formats. The following contains links to videos,and podcasts.

http://www2c.cdc.gov/podcasts/player.asp?f=8622474 Anti bullying Podcasts


The following list books that are available at your local library.  Many are also available from services like Amazon.com.  A short description is listed for many of the books.

Say No To Bullying by Louise Spilsbury.

Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Just as varied are the different forms of bullying, which can range from familiar playground teasing to cyberbullying to dangerous physical actions. In Say No to Bullying, Louise Spilsbury tackles this sensitive topic in a format especially for kids. Inside this engaging, illustrated book she covers:

    • The basics of bullying, from the signs to the different types
    • The reasons people bully, including guidance for kids who bully others
    • How to deal with and prevent bullying and getting help to make it stop
    • What to do when adults are bullies Illustrator, Mike Gordon's engaging images convey the body language and emotion needed for this sensitive topic. Chapters include featured facts about bullying, tips for kids on keeping safe, and advice for boosting confidence and self-esteem. A quiz at the end of the book tests what kids have learned. Also includes a list of books, hotlines, and websites where kids can get more help and advice.

Bullying and Cyberbullying : What Every Educator Needs to Know by Elizabeth Englander.

"Bullying is a term that's being, well, bullied. It's been rendered essentially powerless by being constantly kicked around," writes nationally recognized bullying expert Elizabeth Kandel Englander. In this practical and insightful book, Englander dispels pervasive myths and misconceptions about peer cruelty, bullying, and cyberbullying. Drawing on her own and others' research, she shows how educators can flag problematic behaviors and frame effective responses. Englander puts a special focus on "gateway" behaviors--those subtle actions that, unchecked, can quickly escalate into more serious misbehavior--and explores how students perceive their own and their peers' behavior. Written in an accessible, conversational tone and informed by careful research, this timely book is an essential guide for educators. Key takeaways include the impact of technology on social behavior, a framework for responding effectively to bullies--including innovative ideas about the role of social peers--and suggestions for working with parents.

Sticks and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Discovering the Power of Character and Empathy by Emily Bazelon.

Being a teenager has never been easy, but in recent years, with the rise of the Internet and social media, it has become exponentially more challenging. Bullying, once thought of as the province of queen bees and goons, has taken on new, complex, and insidious forms, as parents and educators know all too well.   No writer is better poised to explore this territory than Emily Bazelon, who has established herself as a leading voice on the social and legal aspects of teenage drama. In Sticks and Stones, she brings readers on a deeply researched, clear-eyed journey into the ever-shifting landscape of teenage meanness and its sometimes devastating consequences. The result is an indispensable book that takes us from school cafeterias to courtrooms to the offices of Facebook, the website where so much teenage life, good and bad, now unfolds.   Along the way, Bazelon defines what bullying is and, just as important, what it is not. She explores when intervention is essential and when kids should be given the freedom to fend for themselves. She also dispels persistent myths: that girls bully more than boys, that online and in-person bullying are entirely distinct, that bullying is a common cause of suicide, and that harsh criminal penalties are an effective deterrent. Above all, she believes that to deal with the problem, we must first understand it.   Blending keen journalistic and narrative skills, Bazelon explores different facets of bullying through the stories of three young people who found themselves caught in the thick of it. Thirteen-year-old Monique endured months of harassment and exclusion before her mother finally pulled her out of school. Jacob was threatened and physically attacked over his sexuality in eighth grade--and then sued to protect himself and change the culture of his school. Flannery was one of six teens who faced criminal charges after a fellow student's suicide was blamed on bullying and made international headlines. With grace and authority, Bazelon chronicles how these kids' predicaments escalated, to no one's benefit, into community-wide wars. Cutting through the noise, misinformation, and sensationalism, she takes us into schools that have succeeded in reducing bullying and examines their successful strategies. The result is a groundbreaking book that will help parents, educators, and teens themselves better understand what kids are going through today and what can be done to help them through it.

Cyberbullying : Bullying in the Digital Age by Robin M. Kowalski

Psychologists explore the reality of cyberbullies.  Millions of children are affected by bullies each year. Advances in social media, email, instant messaging, and cellphones, however, have moved bullying from a schoolyard fear to a constant threat. The second edition of Cyberbullying offers the most current information on this constantly-evolving issue and outlines the unique concerns and challenges it raises for children parents, and educators. Authored by psychologists who are internationally recognized as experts in this field, the text uses the latest research in this area to provide an updated, reliable text ideal for parents and educators concerned about the cyberbullying phenomenon.

Bully : An Action Plan for Teachers and Parents to Combat the Bullying Crisis

Weird!  by Erin Frankel

A companion book to the acclaimed documentary film that inspired a national conversation, BULLY is packed with information and resources for teachers, parents, and anyone who cares about the more than 13 million children who will be bullied in the United States this year. From commentary about life after BULLY by the filmmakers and the families in the film, to the story of how Katy Butler's petition campaign helped defeat the MPAA's "R" rating, BULLY takes the story of the film beyond the closing credits. Celebrity contributions combine with essays from experts, authors, government officials, and educators to offer powerful insights and concrete steps to take, making the book an essential part of an action plan to combat the bullying epidemic in America.

Luisa is repeatedly teased and called "weird" by her classmate Sam, even though she is simply being herself - laughing with her friends, answering questions in class, greeting her father in Spanish, and wearing her favorite polkadot boots. Luisa initially reacts to the bullying by withdrawing and hiding her colorful nature. But with the support of her teachers, parents, classmates, and one special friend named Jayla, she is able to reclaim her color and resist Sam’s put-downs.

Bullied : What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs to Know about Ending the Cycle of Fear by Carrie Goldman.

Winner of National Parenting Publications Award and Mom's Choice Award!

Everybody knows how it feels to be ostracized, isolated or taunted, but most of us are at a loss when it comes to knowing how to make it better. In Carrie Goldman's groundbreaking book, Bullied, she offers concrete solutions for parents, teachers, and kids on how to effectively respond to painful situations--whether it is normal social conflict or more serious bullying.

Goldman's warm, engaging style combines the real-life stories of bullies, victims, bystanders, and their parents with the most cutting edge scientific research to provide a thorough analysis of cruelty in our culture. She explores how the pop culture permeates homes and schools, often impacting the way kids view those who are different from the accepted norm.

Bullied comprehensively addresses issues such as:

    • The media's influence on aggression and bullying
    • How to prevent cyberbullying, or how to manage cyberbullying once it has begun
    • How to safely shift from being a bystander into a witness or an ally
    • Effects of bullying on the brain, both for bullies and for victims
    • Steps to take with the school if you are being bullied or sexually harassed
    • A comprehensive look at restorative justice as a non-punitive response to bullying
    • Techniques to help you deal with verbal taunting in the moment it is happening
    • Identifying the difference between normal social drama and bullying
    • Knowing when to ask for help and how to access effective help

The mother of a bullied first grader, Goldman's inspiring true story triggered an outpouring of support from online communities around the world. Bullied is a research-based book born from Goldman's blog post about the ridicule her daughter suffered for bringing a Star Wars thermos to school--a story that went viral on Facebook and Twitter before exploding everywhere, from CNN.com and Yahoo.com to sites all around the world. More than 200 people were interviewed for the book, including parents, teachers, kids, social workers, authors, celebrities, researchers, psychologists, actors, actresses, and school administrators. It is a wealth of knowledge packaged in a fascinating read.

Dear Bully : 70 Authors Tell Their Stories

You are not alone.  Discover how Lauren Kate transformed the feeling of that one mean girl getting under her skin into her first novel, how Lauren Oliver learned to celebrate ambiguity in her classmates and in herself, and how R.L. Stine turned being the "funny guy" into the best defense against the bullies in his class.

Today's top authors for teens come together to share their stories about bullying--as silent observers on the sidelines of high school, as victims, and as perpetrators--in a collection at turns moving and self-effacing, but always deeply personal.

Be True to You : Celebrating the Things that Make Us Unique

Members of the K-Town Youth Empowerment Network Youth Council mentored 70 inner-city third-graders in Knoxville, Tennessee, to write and illustrate essays on "What do I love most about myself?" as a project to promote tolerance, anti-bullying, and self-esteem. Foreword by Tennessee First Lady Crissy Haslam.

Defusing Angry People : Practical Tools for Handling Bullying, Threats, and Violence by Kevin Fauteux

One in five adults has and anger management problem, and 45 percent are losing their tempers on a regular basis. These alarming statistics show unchecked anger is all around us, whether it be hostile individuals, backstabbing family members, bullies, or normally peaceful people who inexplicably go ballistic. In Defusing Angry People, Kevin Fauteux utilizes his experience treating patients' anger issues, gives important steps to understanding rage, and then shows how to employ specific de-escalation assessment techniques to effectively defuse volatile situations.

Silent Witness: Bullying (Videorecording)


We Want You to Know : Kids Talk about Bullying

Through her association with a community anti-bullying campaign launched in Haldimand, Norfolk, and neighboring communities in Southern Ontario, children's author Deborah Ellis asked students from the ages of nine to nineteen to talk about their experiences with bullying. The results are thoughtful, candid, and often harrowing accounts of "business as usual" in and around today's schools. The kids in this book raise questions about the way parents, teachers and school administrators cope with bullies. They talk about which methods have helped and which ones, with the best of intentions, have failed to protect them. And some kids reveal how they have been able to overcome their fear and anger to become strong advocates for the rights of others.

This is a book for reading and sharing. Each interview is followed by questions that will encourage open discussion about the nature of bullying and the ways in which individuals and schools could deal more effectively with bullies and their victims. And additional comments from international students reveal how much kids the world over have in common in the way they experience and deal with bullies.

Little Girls can be Mean : Four Steps to Bully-Proof Girls in the Early Grades by Michelle Anthony

Worried about mean girls? Help your daughter respond and react to bullying where it starts - in elementary school As experts in developmental psychology and each a mother of three, Dr. Michelle Anthony and Dr. Reyna Lindert began noticing an alarming pattern of social struggle among girls as young as five, including their own daughters. In today's world, it is likely that your daughter has been faced with bullying and friendship issues, too - and perhaps you're at a loss for how to guide her through these situations effectively. Little Girls Can Be Mean is the first book to tackle the unique social struggles of elementary-aged girls, giving you the tools you need to help your daughter become stronger, happier, and better able to enjoy her friendships at school and beyond.  Dr. Anthony and Dr. Lindert offer an easy-to-follow, 4-step plan to help you become a problem-solving partner with your child, including tips and insights that girls can use on their own to confront social difficulties in an empowered way. Whether your daughter is just starting grade school or is already on her way to junior high, you'll learn how to: OBSERVE the social situation with new eyes CONNECT with your child in a new way GUIDE your child with simple, compassionate strategies SUPPORT your daughter to act more independently to face the social issue By focusing squarely on the issues and needs of girls in the years before adolescence, Little Girls Can Be Mean is the essential, go-to guide for any parent or educator of girls in grades K-6.

Why are You Picking on Me?: Dealing with Bullies by John Burstein

Bullying is one of the scariest and potentially damaging negative behaviors children can face. Slim Goodbody helps young students learn to recognize the different kinds of bullying and presents strategies for dealing with even the toughest situations.

Jay McGraw's Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies by Jay McGraw

"very day after that, Danny does something to frighten Craig....Craig is smaller and far too scared to tell even his parents, let alone his teachers. He is miserable. And every day, Danny tries harder to make it worse." On the internet, on playgrounds, and in schools across the country, thousands of elementary and middle school kids are picked on, teased, and harassed by bullies. It's something that can jeopardize a child's development -- unless they have the tools to help stop bullying in its tracks. In Jay McGraw's Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies, McGraw helps kids identify potentially harmful situations and deal with bullies through tips, techniques, and examples that apply to real-life situations. Jay doesn't just speak about the bullies -- he also speaks to the bullies themselves to help them change their ways. Jay takes a no-nonsense approach to bullying and the ways readers can handle it. This timely and much-needed book will be the tool kids across the country can use to stop being victims -- and take back the power in their lives.

Bullying by Elizabeth Raum

Read this title to learn about what bullying is, who it affects, and how it can be prevented. Get the facts about why some children are bullies and how to avoid being bullied. Bullying can be scary. No one deserves to be bullied.

Odd Girl Speaks Out : Girls Write about Bullies, Cliques, Popularity, and Jealousy.

The national bestseller Odd Girl Out exposed a hidden culture of cruelty that had always been quietly endured by American girls. As Rachel Simmons toured the country, these girls found their voices and spoke to her about their pain. They wanted to talk-and they weren't the only ones. Mothers, teachers, counselors, young professional women, even fathers, came to Rachel with heart-wrenching personal stories that could no longer be kept secret. Here, Rachel creates a safe place for girls to talk, rant, sound off, and find each other. The result is a collection of wonderful accounts of the inner lives of adolescent girls. Candid and disarming, creative and expressive, and always exceptionally self-aware, these poems, songs, confessions, and essays form a journal of American girlhood. They show us how deeply cruelty flows and how strongly these girls want to change.  Odd Girl Out helped girls find their voices; Odd Girl Speaks Out helps them tell their stories.

Bobby and Mandee's Too Smart for Bullies by Robert Kahn

Bullies, Beware! This is a little book is going to have a big impact! In this moral-driven story, Mandee tells big brother Bobby how a bully took all her money. Bobby stresses that she needs adult help, and explains what to do if it happens again. Don't argue; just walk or run away; tell a trusted adult, or call 911. If the adult doesn't believe you, tell another adult until you find someone who understands. A quiz at the back of the book helps the reader remember what to do, and there's a place to write the phone numbers of "safe grown-ups" to call.

How to Handle Bullies, Teasers, and Other Meanies:  A Book that Takes the Nuisance Out of Name Calling and Other Nonsense by Kate Cohen-Posey.

Every young person will need this book at some time in his or her life! A parent-child resource book, How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and Other Meanies covers

*annoying name calling,
*vicious prejudice,
*explosive anger,
*dangerous situations, and
*causes of difficult behavior.

It contains more than twelve ways for melting meanness. It uses dozens of examples and practice exercises to teach a comic approach to handling cruelty. It shows young people how to put spiritual truths in to action. It gives parents, teachers, and counselors a method to help young people help themselves with an approach that goes far beyond assertiveness in its mastery of meanness.

Smart Moves : A Kid's Guide to Self-Defense.  Author Goedecke, Christopher J.

Gr. 6-8. Self-defense cannot be learned from a book. The practice necessary for learning martial arts techniques is inherently too dangerous to be undertaken by unsupervised kids. Young people are too volatile and immature to make appropriate use of self-defense training. These are certainly valid arguments, but they do not address the acceleration of violence in children's lives today--in their schools, neighborhoods, and homes--and children's increasing need to protect themselves. Goedecke, a martial arts instructor, and Hausherr, an author-photographer with many children's books to her credit, challenge prevailing conservative thought with this "sourcebook of safety and survival strategies." At the outset, they encourage kids to join a defense class, and provide plenty of good black-and-white photos of youngsters learning techniques properly with a sensi. Because they also recognize the inevitability of kids' trying techniques on their own, they do their best to explain the risks and set clear guidelines that unsupervised children can rely on when they practice with peers. The authors begin by explaining the physical effects of anger and by taking a look at the various ways anger can be dealt with. They are conscientious, cautious, and clear as they go on to describe specific self-defense maneuvers, which range from achieving a stable stance to blocking punches and escaping choke holds. Throughout, they forewarn readers, encouraging them to think in advance about threatening situations and opt for nonaggressive action first. Their five-step plan for dealing with bullies is bound to draw some attention, but it's the book's final section that will really start kids thinking about personal safety. Eleven authentic, progressively more menacing conflict scenarios, which beg for classroom discussion, are presented, along with suggestions for appropriate responses. This is all very serious stuff. The authors know that, and they make sure their readers do, too, emphasizing over and over that self-defense isn't about invincibility, striking first, or retaliation--it's about not getting hurt, and about staying alert, being smart, and acting wisely in a risky world. --Stephanie Zvirin

A Children's Book about being Bullied by Joy Wilt

The "Help Me Be Good" series of books were the best lessons I ever learned as a child. I would go into my closet, in my quiet space and read book after book. They kept my attention and I truly learned how to treat people with respect. I'm 25 now, but I grew up on this series of books and they taught me exactly what they were aiming to teach. I'm grateful for them even now, 15-20 years later!

Parents always tell their children not to do something without actually teaching them why-these books taught me WHY I SHOULDN'T do bad things and I am grateful. So grateful that I held onto the books as a teen. But I finally passed them down to my little cousins and they are the most well behaved children you will see. I felt so good reading these books because it taught me that good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior is frowned upon. Not only should your child read these books, but you can further teach them why they should be good and not bad.

I passed them down to my cousins who passed them down to others. And I think they are still relevant. Definitely buy this book as well as other ones in this series of books! I learned and so can your child 



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