Black Belts - All Ranks & Ages

Black Belts:   Stripes are no longer given out but skills are still required to be demonstrated

Endurance: Black belts must maintain a high level of cardiovascular endurance

(teens and adults)Defend against,
Stepping reverse hook punch 3x each side
#2 front Kick 3x each side
#2 front kick lead punch 3x each side
Using evasion, blocks and no more then 1-3 strikes of any kind, whole body is legal target

Flow Drills: (rotates every cycle from tactical and competition contact skills)

Board Breaking:
1st and 2nd degree black belts must break two stations one hand and one foot technique  (one assigned one choice)
3rd degree Black belts must break three stations with at least one foot technique (one assign two choice)
Assigned breaks per rank:
1st degree
L1 Spin sidekick,
L2 #1 Knife hand,
L3 #2 Jump front kick,
L4 #2 Jump sidekick.
2nd degree
L1 Jump spin sidekick,
L2 #1 Palm heel,
L3 #2 Jump round kick,
L4 #2 Twist kick.
3rd degree
L1 #1 Sidekick,
L2 #1 Round kick,
L3 #1 Twist Kick

 Black Stripe: Progressive form (juniors and teens stop at move 23, teens can choose to learn complete form)
1. Left high block Left front stance
2. Right high block Right front stance
3. Left low block Left front stance
4. Twin low block Standing stance
5. #1 Right side kick/right knife hand strike sitting stance
6. #3 Right knife hand strike/left inner forearm block/double punch (CAT 2) Sitting stance CAT 2 Stepping
7. Left front kick/reverse right punch (CAT 2) Left front stance
8. Left reverse punch (CAT 2) Right front stance
9. Right #1 round kick/right knife hand strike Right back stance
10. Left arc hand strike Left back stance 1
11. #3 Left round kick/double knife hand block Left back stance
12. #2 Right round kick/right knife hand low/high block (CAT 2) right knife hand strike Right back stance
13. #2 Left front kick spin heel or crescent kick Left back stance
14. #3 Left jump front kick/twin fists Left front stance
15. Right knife hand strike
16. Right #2 side kick/left knife hand X block Left back stance
17. Left reverse punch right knife hand high block Right front stance
18. Twin fists on hips Closed stance
19. Right #3 X stance side kick
20. Twin elbow Left X stance
21. Right double horizontal punch Right back stance
22. Left front/side kick/left knife hand strike sitting stance
23. Right front/side kick/right knife hand strike sitting stance
24. Right low knife hand block Right back stance
25. Left #2 twist kick Left back stance
26. Left inner/low (CAT 2) outer forearm block combination Left back stance
27. Right low knife hand block Right back stance
28. Left outside block Left back stance
29. Right spin side kick/Twin high fists Right front stance
30. Right knife hand block
31. Right knife hand strike (left hand under right elbow)
32. Right low X fist block (CAT 2) Right front stance
33. Right high X knife hand block (CAT 2)
34. Left reverse punch (right knife hand on top of elbow) Right back stance
35. Left back fist (right palm on side of left fist) Left X stance
36. Left open palm down block Left cat stance
37. Right hook kick then step
38. Right reverse punch left knife hand high block sitting stance

3rd degree level 4 and above must test at a national or world event.
All high rank testing candidates must perform the form on both sides of the body
All high rank candidates must apply to test with Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International.All high rank candidates must pre-test at national or world event


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