Brown Belt Teens Level 1-3

Blue Belt Teens Level 1-3

White Stripe: Life Skills, ECAS
Level 1: 100x Theory, anything I try, I will try 100 times, quitting is not an option Sir/Ma’am
Level 2: Winners motto, Winners never quit, quitters never win, I’m not quitter I’m a winner
Level 3: Black belt goal, I’m half way to black belt, quitting is not an option
Teen students will be required to do one round of ECAS Defend against,
Stepping reverse hook punch 3x each side
#2 front Kick 3x each side
#2 front kick lead punch 3x each side
Using evasion, blocks and no more then 1-3 strikes of any kind, whole body is legal target

Yellow Stripe: Contact skills (add slide to kick for competition cycle)
Brown belt level 1
Hand - #2 reverse hammer fist, shift from back stance to front stance (approved)
Foot - #3 flowing step hook kick, back stance land in front shuffle back (approved)
Brown belt level 2
Hand - #2 Back fist, start in back stance stepping forward land in front stance shuffle back(not approved)
Foot - Spin hook kick, back stance land behind (approved) (stress knee ankle alignment all the way to the ground)
Brown belt level 3
Hand - Spin back fist, back stance shuffle back (not approved)
Foot – Spin hook kick round kick, back stance land in front shuffle back (approved)

Red Stripe: Board Breaking
All three levels of brown belt do the same One board breaking station with your level contact skill or any blue belt contact skill (strike must be approved for board breaking)

Black Stripe:  Progressive form (first 12 moves)
1. Left high block Left front stance
2. Right high block Right front stance
3. Left low block Left front stance
4. Twin low block Standing stance
5. #1 Right side kick/right knife hand strike Sitting stance
6. #3 Right knife hand strike/left inner forearm block/double punch (CAT 2) Sitting stance CAT 2 Stepping
7. Left front kick/reverse right punch (CAT 2) Left front stance
8. Left reverse punch (CAT 2) Right front stance
9. Right #1 round kick/right knife hand strike Right back stance
10. Left arc hand strike Left back stance
11. #3 Left round kick/double knife hand block Left back stance
12. #2 Right round kick/right knife hand low/high block (CAT 2) right knife hand strike Right back stance


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